Friday, April 20, 2007

OLPC - deployment in Nigeria

CNet News has a news item, via a photo gallery, 'Nigerian students power up their laptops' outlining the deployment of the first of Nicholas Negroponte's 'Hundred Dollar Laptop' One Laptop per Child (OLPC) education program in Africa and the Middle East. The XO Children's Machines were introduced to the students and teachers at the two room, 150 student school close to the Nigerian capital, Abuja. In addition to the laptops, OLPC has 'installed a satellite dish, power generator and modem to give the school electricity and Internet connectivity'.

The photo gallery captures the first stages of the changes in the learning journey of these young Nigerian students, with opportunities to construct their own learning, collaborate and communicate in the connected world beyond the physical space of their crowded classroom. Contrast the images of the drawing of a computer on the classroom wall, pre-OLPC, with the experimentation and wonder as they begin to customise their new learning tools.