Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lyrebird on YouTube

Just have to promote this southoz highlight at the Adelaide Zoo (South Australia).

Meet the superb male lyrebird from the Adelaide Zoo, fondly known as 'Chook'. Why has 'Chook' gained global attention of late? Check this YouTube video and listen to his amazing repertoire of sounds. This lovable lyrebird mimics the sounds of his surrounding environment and that includes the sounds of construction work on the nearby Giant Panda enclosure.

Not only can you detect the sounds of other zoo birds, including the kookaburra, but also the typical sounds of the nearby construction work!

'Chook' is sure to get his share of attention at the Adelaide Zoo, even as the anticipation and excitement builds as the date draws closer for the arrival of two Giant pandas from China (Wang Wang and Funi).

Listen carefully to hear the full repertoire.