Sunday, May 29, 2005

e-portfolios slideshow on Flickr (Scott's weblog)

I have been fascinated by the development of e-portfolios reading Scott's weblog.
This slideshow uploaded to Flickr is from a presentation on e-portfolios at the University of Sydney (May 05).

A short movie about podcasting

4 Minute movie about podcasting on the Lisa Williams, "Learning the Lessons of Nixon" blog.
This 4 minute movie provides a quick introduction to podcasting for anyone who wants to find out more about this rapidly developing phenomenon. Lisa has been blogging for many years. Read her 'bio' on her blog with the curious name.

Yahoo Groups has a new Podcasting and Education group which provides a useful avenue to share information. It's descriptor states... "Information and discussion regarding podcasting as an educational tool in today's classroom".

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Education Podcasting Network (EPN)

Education Podcasting Network or EPN is a new site which aims to "bring together in one place, the wide range of podcast programming that may be helpful to busy teachers looking for content to teach with and about, and to explore issues of teaching and learning in the 21st century."
Provides some useful tips and a wide range of links to explore.
Links from Landmarks for Schools project.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Name Voyager - what's in a name?

Name Voyager (requires Java) is an amazing online tool. Trace the rise and decline of popular names from the 1900s to the present (US data) and search for names and derivatives. The associated Baby Name Wizard blog contains a fascinating range of posts on naming conventions, international differences, factors which influence naming and other posts about a "cultural accelerator" phenomen and popular culture triggers.

A wonderful resource for educators and schools for creative minds.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Personalised learning and learning environments

A series of seminars arising from a collaboration between Futurelab, Demos, Becta and Toshiba provide thought provoking papers and reports with well documented examples and references.
The focus is on personalised learning and future learning environments. The three seminars explore different models of personalisation, learner voice and new approaches to assessment.
The three topics are:
1 Learner Voice:
How can technology be used to support learners to shape and direct their own curriculum?
2 Designing Learner Environments:
The virtual and the real - can technology help students shape their learning environment?
3 Assessment, Technology and Learner Voice:
How can we involve young people in determining the focus and means of assessment systems?
A 'must read' for school administrators, leaders, teachers to read, discuss, reflect and plan for the future.


Blogpoly is based on a bloggified Monopoly board with hyperlinked squares to a range of sites pertinent to the blogosphere. It includes suggestions on playing the game. Another variation on Monopoly, devised earlier by Aaron on his blog, Aaron's CC is Blogopoly. Check Littlesolo's blog which comments on the similarity of ideas and defends charges of plagiarism. Check them out!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Aussie Mooters Gather 2005

"Aussie Mooters Gather 2005" is the name of a 2 day conference to be held at Technology School of the Future in Adelaide, South Australia (July 9 and 10). This will be a gathering for Classroom Teachers, Educational Leaders and e-learning Specialists to meet and discuss the latest in e-learning and classroom learning management systems. (A separate technical workshop will be held at the Chifley Hotel on Friday 8th)

There is growing interest in Australian schools in using Moodle. Speakers include Martin Dougiamas (WA), Gary Benner (NZ) Gerry White – CEO (EdNA) , Dr Stanley Frielick (NZ) , Kevin Richardson (SA) and Dr Kathryn Moyle (ACT). A great opportunity for Australian and NZ educators to network and share understandings.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Simple Machine Blog

This Simple Machine Blog is another example of schools using blogs.
It involves grade fours from The Academy at King Edward and grade tens from Jasper Place High School. Their blog explains how "the fours are studying simple machines ... (science curriculum) and will be drawing ... their favourite machines. The tens will then communicate with the fours via the blog to discuss how the drawings will be animated. The animations will ... be displayed ... beside the drawings!"
Check out their examples.

Primary school minilegends blog

Al Upton and his Primary School class have developed this Mini Legends blog "to communicate and collaborate online ... and have fun learning at the same time." It includes some experimental activities, lots of activities for his Year 3 mini legends, useful links and how to's. His legends think it's cool and they have a collaboration activity with a UK school.
Well done, Al!