Thursday, July 14, 2005

GoogleMaps API

Exploring things geospatial and, thanks to the power of social bookmarking viz. my fabulous bookmarking tool, exploring the powers of the GoogleMaps API.

ZdNet commented on the value of open source power in an article, "Google map API transforms the Web." One example is the combination of GoogleMaps satellite imagery, RSS feeds from the BBC news, images and tagging to produce an uptodate, visual account of the London Terrorist Bomb attacks on geepster.
"Google Maps enabled open source journalism to get the story faster, and get it better, than the mainstream media."
Combination of using the javascript API, satellite imagery, RSS feeds, tags to develop a resource which is visual (multiliteracies), interactive, updated and engaging.

Potential for ICT integration in curriculum. Investigation of contemporary environmental, social, political, health and other issues and using Web 2.0 tools for collaboration, reflection, publishing.


  1. The Google map api is a real sensation. you throw anything at all onto a map. My favorite application is this one.

  2. Thanks, Joey. I have explored the URL, Global Coordinate, you suggested, created my own page and tagged it in my account. Fabulous resource making use of satellite imagery, maps, feeds, webcams, blogs and more. Personalisation is made easy with the fabulous geocoding tool and collaboration features are typical of the growing power of Web 2.0.