Sunday, October 30, 2005


Discovered Yackpack while browsing. This looks like an interesting new social collaboration tool. Focus on sharing audio messages amongst a group of friends/colleagues. Could be useful in the e-portfolio learning community for collaboration.


  1. Glad you found YackPack!

    We've been working hard on this, and now we can finally let others use it.

    YackPack isn't quite perfect, but it's good enough to use for a beta.

    I used a pilot version teaching my class at Stanford. It made my life easier--especially the grading.

    I'd just send audio messages with my evaluations. No writing on papers, not handing papers back. Just yack.

    The students really liked it, because they could hear the emotion in my voice. They got better veedback.

  2. I'm blogging about YackPack at