Monday, January 09, 2006

Tech Tools for Learning (Will Richardson)

Will Richardson has provided a useful overview for educators interested in finding out more about the potential of using weblogs, podcasting, RSS, streaming video and webcams in their classrooms: Tech Tools for Learning - Innovative, Interactive Technologies Provide New Potential For Learning —In And Out Of Classrooms. (Cable in the Classroom Access Learning Jan 06) Web 2.0 technologies empower users to move beyond passive consumption of web resources into the read/write web where they can readily publish in a variety of formats and collaborate and interact with a global audience.

Will highlights "legal and ethical issues" that need to be considered by educators. These issues are constantly discussed by educators grappling with the ability to integrate emerging web technologies and personalised and safe learning environments. Tech Tools for Learning provides stimulating ideas, tips and resources for innovative educators to explore.

Another interesting resource for educators deals with blog safety and children. It is a European SPOTMYBLOG simulation game aimed at children aged 9 to 12 in which "the players create a fictitious blog and make choices that have consequences later in the game."

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