Monday, July 03, 2006

Top 10 posts of an insightful blogger

Checked my aggregator tonight and just couldn't resist Graham's "My Top Ten Posts… For What They’re Worth!" from his 'Teaching Generation Z" blog. Graham's insightful reflections cover a range of issues including models of PD, trends in using ICT in Primary School classrooms, mobile learning, the value of IWBs, Creative Commons and "learning objects," thoughts on e-Portfolios as well as a blog he posted during a workshop (almost a year ago - how time flies!) which I had named "The Magic of RSS."
Graham's story of his own learning journey "a story I’ve wanted to tell for a while because of its relevance to the evolution of the internet" struck a chord as I harked back to my early days of connecting up via e-mail (Nexus) and online messaging, using a slow, dialup modem and searching online databases for up-to-date and interesting news and case studies to integrate into classroom activities (senior secondary).
The early web browsers, the joys of creating webpages in Netscape Communicator, before Front Page and Dreamweaver, and using ICQ and list servs to communicate and collaborate and so on ... up to the present world of the blogosphere, rss, social bookmarking, tagging, social networking, wikis, podcasting and more.
Web2.0 or the next generation of the web is the most exciting, empowering collaborative phase for teachers, students and professionals. My own professional learning has been significantly enhanced in this increasingly connected world. As Graham wrote, "technology has the power to connect people in a meaningful way and that perhaps is its highest purpose."
For those "who have the time" (a reference to one post) to read Graham's blog, check out the 10 top post gems he has personally selected from his prolific writings and add your comments.

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