Wednesday, November 01, 2006

K12 Online Conference

The 2006 K12 Online Conference, highlighted by edubloggers during the past month or so, is still happening. This conference assembles an amazing group of talented, inspiring individuals sharing insights and resources, utilising Web2.0 tools to further collaboration and conversation in the connected world.
If you haven't discovered this fabulous conference yet, the Conference blog has updates from each presenter with links to podcasts, wikis etc. Use the image links to the podcast feeds for each of the 2 weeks. Subscribe to the two media feeds (weeks 1 and 2) using your i-Tunes or other aggregator. Follow the links from the conference blog.
A quick overview of the Conference agenda could also be useful.

I would like to highlight in particular Graham Wegner's, "No teacher left behind: the Urgency of Web2.0" podcast and wiki. Graham is joined by a host of noted edubloggers including Mark Ahlness, Rachel Jeffares, Greg Carroll, Jedd Bartlett, Judy O'Connell, Doug Noon, Jo McLeay, Al Upton and many others in sharing their vision and experiences, nurturing student learning in a Web2.0 world, bringing colleagues on board, overcoming obstacles, highlighting issues such as IP, copyright, filtering, leadership, technology and time barriers, and providing a glimpse of the future.
Spread the word and join in! As Graham suggests, 'Get one person started,' provide a copy of the excellent, collaborative resource, 'The Coming Of Age' (available to download and in audio format) to colleagues, join or offer PD sessions, encourage others, comment on blogs, act on opportunities and continue to develop your own professional development.

Like Judy, I'm a 'Web2.0 evangelist,' taking any opportunity to present at workshops and conferences, encourage collaboration, share resources and develop professionally.
It will be interesting to re-visit the questions asked by Graham during the next K12 Online Conference.

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