Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Creating, capturing, sharing

I have been trying out a few online tools from my Delicious bookmarks (Vonnie) and this experiment involves a pet theme of digital citizenship, utilising a UK bullying flash poster tool, with an option to make use of QR-Codes and mobiles to capture and share the result.

I opted to tweet my demo poster (image below) to join the others on Twitter Bullying posters. The image highlights awareness and understanding of digital footprints and social networking.

The UK Bullying Flash poster maker website allows students to create a poster, selecting from a range of backgrounds, creating characters and selecting from a range of anti-bullying / internet safety / digital citizenship messages. These can be published, shared and reviewed by peers.

Images can be shared using a range of Web2.0, social media options, sent via e-mail, bookmarked, embedded via source code or downloaded. (Some options are blocked/filtered in schools).
The images can be integrated into a range of learning activities by innovative teachers. This online tool could be useful in exploring the topic of digital citizenship.

One option i
ncludes use of mobile phones to capture/view/share using QR-Codes and the free Kaywa Reader. Once installed on a user's mobile phone, it can be used to quickly scan the image (hence the name Quick Response Code).

The QR-Code Reader can be downloaded direct to your internet-connected mobile phone or to your computer. Taking a quick view of a QR-Code is a snap! This reveals the content behind the code.

Other learning activities can utilise the QR-Code Generator.
These can be generated using the computer and added or embedded in other media.
One teacher using QR-Codes in his classroom is Greg Kulowiec who has posted some interesting ideas on his

Share your ideas on using QR-Codes, m-Learning, digital citizenship?


  1. Have you seen Google Goggles ( - watch the video. This requires an Android Phone but it takes what I understand some of these classroom ideas a step further.

  2. Hi Peter (Wara)
    Yes, and am really interested in the potential of augmented reality in education. Exciting tmes on the horizon.
    Check my delicious bookmarks (Vonnie) on augmented reality
    Includes some on Google goggles too.