Saturday, August 28, 2010

Catchy Apostrophe Song App!

'Put the apostrophe back in its place!'
That's the aim of this fun and catchy
new app, The Apostrophe Song App, created by a local Adelaide (South Australia) company, Cool Rules. I purchased this low cost App for the Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch from the iTunes Store.

Check out Cool Rules and preview the songs (four different versions eg pop/rock, hip hop, rap, acoustic)
. The site has a number of resources with 'useful punctuation tips and exercises (which) can be downloaded free of charge'. You can download the words and music and burn the songs to CD (once you have purchased the app).

Check the YouTube video.

Join the Cool Rules Schools’ Challenge.

Record your own version of The Apostrophe Song and contribute to the Cool Rules Song Library.

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