Sunday, June 19, 2005

Folksonomic discoveries

More on folksonomic discoveries from O'Reilly including commentary on social bookmarking and tags. He lauds the potential of Flickr and 43 Things in providing a self-tagging mechanism with tags to photos in Flickr and tags to personal goals in 43 Things.
"A context in which everyone can freely tag (and categorize things) has come to be called a "folksonomy". Put differently, a folksonomy is a bottoms-up taxonomy created by the people for the people rather than a top-down hierarchy constructed by experts - the usual model for a taxonomy."
Exploration of popular tags and public tags allows users to build and share knowledge and locate blogs and feeds associated with taggers of similar interests.
Gataga social bookmark search and exploration engine, searches a large list of sites including, furl, jots and more, providing the opportunity to save searches as feeds.

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  1. blinklist is another personal and social bookmarking engine that Gataga also aggregates.