Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blocked websites in schools survey

Sharon Elin has posted the results of a short online survey about blocked websites in schools on her edutwist blog.
"My school district is locked-down tight and fixated on security when it comes to internet access for students."
Sharon's curiosity about 'references to web2.0 sites being used in education by other educators' led to a survey on Google Docs, sent out by Twitter, Plurk and her edutwist blog.
I missed the original survey and only one Australian responded.

Despite a relatively small global response, and one skewed to educators already using social media/networking sites, the 'results', especially the use of comments/pull quotes, make for an interesting read and should stimulate further debate about filtering policies in school districts and jurisdictions and teaching and learning in the 21st century.
Trust and responsibility feature strongly in a myriad of issues.

Read Sharon's blog post , follow the link to the survey questions and results, comments and suggestions on Google Docs. and share.

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