Tuesday, April 14, 2009

twtpoll: Do you Twitter?

Trying out a simple twitter app. - twtpoll here.
Check out my experimental @southoz twtpoll in the side bar. "Do you Twitter?"

This twitter app is very easy to use to create a simple poll with a question and one or more multiple choice responses.
You need to include your Twitter name.
Set an expiry date and it's ready to go!

The poll can be tweeted and retweeted by your friends or you can copy the embed code for your Facebook, blog etc.
Vote and check the updated responses via the generated pie graph

Additional features include the ability for other Twitter users to add comments (with a 140 character limit of course!) and view people (or tweeple) who have tweeted about or retweeted your poll.

The ability to share and quickly spread the poll, like a ripple effect across your network is a plus!

If you're a Twitterer and would like to use a poll to quickly gain some opinions from your network/extended network about a topic or issue then twtpoll looks very useful.

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