Monday, June 08, 2009

Giant Cuttlefish video

I have posted a short video to my SouthOz Flickr account of the spectacular diving attraction of the Giant Cuttlefish during their annual breeding season in the shallow waters off Point Lowly, South Australia in June 2009.

This short video shows a Giant Cuttlefish pulsating its skin to deter other male cuttlefish in the vicinity. This video was taken in the area known as 'the fenceline' off Point Lowly, Whyalla in South Australia.

This area is one of only two places in the world where this spectacular annual event occurs. It is a major tourist attraction for divers from around the globe.

The site is under threat from a proposed desalination plant for an outback mining venture and new wharf facilities for another new mining proposal. This marine environment is precious. Help protect it from developments which threaten its existence!

I have also posted a set of Giant Cuttlefish photos on Flickr.

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