Monday, February 06, 2006

Digital Communities and the Power of Trust

Robin Good highlighted this powerful article by Alan Moore in his recent MasterNewMedia news. "Digital Communities and the Power of Trust: A look at the Future"
Although the focus is on business and marketing in the 21st century of digitally connected communities, it provides salient information for educators.
"The internet ... is not so much a technology as social phenomenon."

The increasing penetration of the internet, higher bandwidth and the increasing convergence with mobile technologies provide opportunities for consumers (educators and learners) to engage in highly personalised (learning)
experiences and Web 2.0 tools are providing alternatives to push technologies as consumers seek personalisation and "trust-based strategies ... essential in a time of information empowerment."

Blogs, wikis, RSS, aggregation, folksonomy, to name just a few, point to a significant change in the way we use the web (or the Read Write Web) and connect with trusted others (FOAF).
This article has numerous embedded links and a range of examples to explore (including the London Bombings and Creative Archive Project) for anyone seeking to find out more about this 'new paradigm.'

Jeff Jarvis' comment on Buzzmachine, "Give us control and we will use it. Don't and you will lose us," provides a powerful message.

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