Tuesday, February 21, 2006

South Oz (Leafy Sea Dragon)

South Oz is diverting from e-Learning temporarily to highlight a unique South Oz treasure in this photo of a Leafy Sea Dragon, South Australia’s stunning state marine emblem.

It was photographed (Feb 2006) under the Rapid Bay Jetty on Fleurieu Peninsula, south of the capital city (Adelaide).

The jetty, originally built to service the nearby limestone & dolomite mine, has fallen into disrepair since the mine was closed.

The jetty is popular with locals, tourists, anglers and divers and is rated as one of the best dive sites in Australia. The jetty was closed to the public for safety reasons (Christmas, 2004) and has continued to deteriorate as this photo of some of the pylons shows.

The marine ecosystem is now under threat as the jetty provides shelter for a unique marine environment, including the Leafy Sea Dragon .
Community groups are trying to muster support to save the Rapid Bay Jetty and environs before it's too late.
Friends of the Rapid Bay Jetty
website has more information.

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