Friday, April 14, 2006

Discovering Web2.0

Web2.0 is a hot blog topic according to a search on the tag, 'Web2.0' on Technorati.
The number of posts about 'Web2.0' using Technorati search in the last 30 days (to April 13th) ranges from 2,388 posts using the "with a lot of authority" filter to a massive 54,673 posts filtered by "any authority."

Two websites facilitating the growth of (access to and understanding about) Web2.0 tools and services are Web2.0 List which boasts 1391 members, including me, since the 29th March 2006 and Web2logo (see below).
PRWebReleases is promoting another amazing website in this posting,
"The Mecca of Web 2.0, Historical Evolution of 'The-reborn-Internet' "

It points to a site which utilises some of the functionality in this "next historical evolution ... on the Internet with the name of Web2.0" and promotes Web2logo which has already been heavily bookmarked on a range of social bookmarking sites.
This site provides a visual interface with logos and a tag cloud and a choice of viewing 50, 100 or 150 logos at once. 'The display (is) based on popularity and usability. Just click any logo you like and select one of the choices in the cloud.' User participation and feedback is integral to the site functionality.
Web2logo has snazzy features using tags as filters and groupings of Web2.0 sites according to functionality. I love this grouping feature and clever use of tags and logos. Examples of Web2.0 categories from the tag cloud include blog, audio, podcast, communication, chat, filtering, bookmarking, social, news, books, maps, storage, collaboration and many more.

Web2logo is an excellent site for anyone interested in increasing understanding of, and participation in, the world of Web2.0.

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