Saturday, April 08, 2006

Preparing for the 2.0 World (Library2.0)

Stephen Abram provides yet more insights on Web2.0 and the role of Libraries in this era of transformational change in eBuzz (April 8, 2006) "Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and Librarian 2.0: Preparing for the 2.0 World."
Libraries have a role to play in ameliorating the digital divide for their communities as they "tend to the digital divide issues of the more challenged user."
Every Web 2.0 technology – "RSS, Wikis, blogging, personalization, podcasting, streaming media, ratings, alerts, folksonomies, tagging, social networking software etc could be useful in an enterprise, institutional, ... or Library.
He describes the Web2.0 social phenomenon as a "transition of the Web site and email-centric world from one that is mostly about information (and largely textual information) to one where the content is combined with functionality and targeted applications.… primarily about a much higher level of interactivity and deeper user experiences …."
Many Librarians have not yet heard of Library2.0 but Stephen's message is a powerful one. It's time to find out more and get prepared for the sake of Library users, particularly in supporting them in acquiring and improving skills and competencies for life, work and play.

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