Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Extending a conference beyond time and space

David Warlick provides "Ten tips to extend your education conference" on his 2Cents Worth blog. Some excellent ideas for organisers extending any conference beyond the time and physical space of the actual conference!
Web2.0 tools provide a host of Read/Write Web options to maximise the impact of any conference before, during and beyond the conference. Social software encourages reflection, promotes collaboration and dialogue enhancing the experience.
Blogging reporters, tagging, photosharing, podcasting, webcasts, conference feeds, a conference wiki and blog, wireless access at the venue, some professional development and more ....


  1. This sounds like excellent advice. Let's implement these for the next CEGSA annual conference.

  2. Thanks, Wara!
    Spoke to Sue Hollands just today about this and sent this link in support of extending the reach and impact of the next CEGSA Conference. Also made similar suggestions for two other events/conferences.