Saturday, August 13, 2005

Buckyballs DownUnder

Schools Australia-wide will be participating in 'buckyball' workshops with Nobel Prize winner, Sir Harry Kroto, on 17th August, during National Science week. Workshops will be streamed live to their schools via technology provided by Centra Australia.

Wonderful use of technology to provide not only a series of face to face workshops but also a virtual experience with a world renowned scientist and hundreds of middle and senior school students.

EdNA Online provides additional information on Sir Harry Kroto. "In 1996, (he) won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, for his discovery of the ball-like C60 carbon molecule, Buckminsterfullerene. This discovery has since had impact on the science of nano-technology." Autobography on and Wikipedia and details of his 1996 win in the field of Chemistry.

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