Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ziepod - new podcast player, search, aggregation

Robin Good has highlighted a new podcasting tool on his MasterNewMedia blog, "Streaming Podcasts Is The Way To Go: Ziepod The Sleek Podcasting Player Is Here." I currently use iTunes 4.9 and have investigated iPodder but this sounds like it is worth exploring as he calls it
"a new, outstandingly designed podcasting player, search tool and aggregator."
Ziepod's site mentions its ease-of-use toolkit for findiing and managing audio-based content (podcasts). Has some cool tools like ratings.
Especially liked the link to a handy website to locate quality podcasts. Yet another service to evaluate in this range of tools to support podcasting. Search by text feeds, audio feeds and tags. Integrates with Ziepod. Has a nifty slideshow as support material.

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