Sunday, August 14, 2005 Radio launched

I have been exploring the fuctionality of Elgg Learning Landscape, open source software and its functionality for blogs, e-portfolios and social collaboration. Elgg's stated goal is one of "connecting learners, instructors and resources creating communities of learning."
Elgg provides a personal presence online and a set of tools which facilitates interaction. (login with valid e-mail and experiment, obtain a hosted site or download source code and set up your own. Elgg provides all of the following "weblog, journal, store of files like photos and ... documents, communities, social networks." Elgg provides a personal space which can be shared with friends - sense of folksonomy.
Elgg is very exciting and is continually developing, making use of the functionality of Web 2.0 tools. Radio has just been launched with a range of podcast discussions around emerging technologies, learning landscapes, online pedagogy ... with invited guests such as George Siemens, James Farmer, Helen Barrett and many more. These discussions promise rich and interesting dialogue - a must for your pod catcher.

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