Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What is RSS and why should you care?

As an avid fan of RSS, I was pleased to see Search Engine Watch dedicating some space to RSS.
Search Engine Watch has provided an easy to understand 3 part series on RSS feeds with Part 1 on What is RSS and why should you care? These contain useful links for those discovering RSS, possibly for the first time, or curious to find out more about feeds.
Part 2 is on RSS Search Engines and includes a comparison on different search engines, giving the thumbs up to Yahoo as "arguably the farthest along with RSS. Yahoo's advanced search lets you limit results to XML, RDF and RSS file types." Easy integration with MyYahoo! personalised space.
Part 3 in the series (on RSS readers) is out tomorrow.
Lots of different feeds to subscribe to on their webfeeds page.

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